Kelly Kistler


Textures, Patterns, Nature, & Good Vibes


I am a bringer of sass, smiles and accents. I’ve traveled the world, or at least through most of Italy, and have come back to finish my BFA in Advertising and Graphic Design at the Columbus College of Art & Design. I have a focus in branding, illustration, and conception, and I am currently working towards a minor in business. I don't think that there is anything better than to help passionate people bring their visions to life, whether that be a complete identity for a new up-and-coming mom and pop or a national campaign that connects with thousands of people. Witnessing others succeed with the help of my work is what makes me love designing. Making other people happy is what I love to do.



Student Involvement Assistant

American Adverting Federation Pitch Participant



2014 Studio Roma Participant

Constantly planning my next vacation


Momma Kelly

Student Programming Board President

Advertising and Graphic Design Student Collect Leadership Member