Kelly Kistler

BMW Connected

Get there, Connected.


Create a campaign for the BMW Connected App that would increase awareness in order to stand out in the field of connectivity, boost perception of BMW as a leader in innovation, and create demand for BMW Connected. 
The campaign is targeted towards “Productives” and “Digital Natives” and uses multiple channels to reach them such as; video, print ads, and an outdoor ad.





The "Get There," campaign focuses on showing the benefits of the BMW Connected Application for Digital Natives. This target audience always has the latest technology and desires to constantly be improving their lives by enhancing their productivity. By using the application in combination with their other devices, digital natives get where they are going efficiently. Within the campaign each device is represented by a projected digital pattern, visually showing the connection between the technology, it's user, and their BMW. 


Print advertisement: ASSISTED

Three GQ magazine ads will focus on the devices and the direct benefit the user gains from integrating them with the app. Digital Natives will be assisted, feel more confident, and get wherever they desire to be seamlessly. 


Print advertisement: CONFIDENTLY


Print advertisement: SEAMLESSLY


COMMERICAL: 30 second spot 

A action packed commercial will tell the story of a digital native on a mission to gain the benefits of BMW Connected, including assistance from amazon echo, a confidence boost with the apple watch, and seamlessly integration with the application to help the user get wherever they desire. 



This outdoor ad uses projection to create the type flashing across the screen. The goal of this deliverable was to highlight the Apple Watch while creating a personal and interesting ad for BMW.


Art Direction:

Kelly Kistler
Sierra Clark -
Samantha McLaughlin -


Candace Smith -


Serenity Strull